![[Misclleanous/images/ajCombined.jpg]] This is my **digital garden**, a.k.a personal knowledge management system. ### About Me > *What I cannot create, I do not understand — Richard Feynman.* I’m a Ph.D. student at the [Italian Institute of Technology](https://iit.it/). My current research focuses on the development of novel laser technologies for micro-surgical robots. My previous experiences include developing  [[Medical Device]], [[Humanoid]], [[Legged Robot]], and [[Tele-Robotics]]. My vision is to make healthcare affordable by merging medicine and engineering. In this process, I love working with a diverse team to develop transformative tech and solve new challenges each day. - **Email**: ajay {dot} gunalan {at} pm {dot} me - [CV](https://ajaygunalan.github.io/assets/ajayg_cv.pdf) ### Projects - [Towards OCT-Guided Endoscopic Laser Surgery—A Review](https://doi.org/10.3390/diagnostics13040677) - [[OCTLaserBot - OCT guided Microsurgical Laser Bot]] - [[Optical design and simulation for OCTLaserBot]] - [Compressive Image Scanning Microscope](https://arxiv.org/pdf/2307.09841.pdf) - [[Optical GPT]] ### Blog - [[Actuators for dexterous and agile robots]] - [[Numerical Optimization]] - [[Misclleanous]]