![[Misclleanous/images/ajay.jpeg]] This is my **digital garden**, a.k.a personal knowledge management system. ### About Me > *What I cannot create, I do not understand — Richard Feynman.* %%I'm a **robotics software engineer** who loves developing algorithms for robots by clearly understanding the state of algorithms in **perception, planning and controls**. I find myself happier by supporting others in a diverse team to create impactful technologies.Right now, %% I’m a Ph.D. student at the [Italian Institute of Technology](https://iit.it/). My current research focuses on the development of novel laser technologies for surgical robots. My previous experiences include developing  [[Medical Device]], [[Humanoid]], [[Legged Robot]], and [[Tele-Robotics]]. The goal of any products and services is to boost society's productivity. By fostering innovation through medical and engineering collaboration, health care can become more affordable and efficient. I am dedicated to contributing to medical robotics to achieve this vision. - **Email**: ajay {dot} gunalan {at} pm {dot} me - [CV](https://ajaygunalan.github.io/assets/ajayg_cv.pdf) ### Projects - [[Endoscopic Probe Development]] - [[Optics and Computational Techniques]] [[Endoscopy Imaging Sensor]] - [[Multiresolution compressive sensing for laser scanning microscope with content-aware sampling]] - [[Image-Guided Laser Surgery]] ### Blog - [[Actuators for dexterous and agile robots]] - [[Numerical Optimization]] - [[Computational design of an MEMS based endoscopic probe for OCT-guided endoscopic laser surgery]] - [[The next paradigm shift in robotics]] - [[Algorithms for Walking, Running, Swimming, Flying, and Manipulation]] - [[Misclleanous]] https://omlc.org/classroom/