Auto-CALM: Autonomous Computer-Assisted Laser Microsurgery

Autonomous Laser Surgery. It has three significant components: Laser Spot Tracking, Target Tracking, and Ablation algorithm.

June 2024

Compressive OCT-Guided Laser Microsurgery

This study uses 3D optical coherence tomography (OCT) in a feedback control to enhance laser microsurgery depth, accuracy, and precision across various tissue types. Compressive sensing reduces OCT scanning time.

June 2024

Compressive Image Scanning Microscope

Laser scanning image with 25% of photons.

July 2023


Developed real-time audio, video, and point cloud streaming for tele-operated robots in virtual reality using ROS services, Multi-Threading in C++, and sensor integration with Nvidia Jetson, enhancing the user interface for remote operations.

October 2020

Legged Robot

Developed a robust, all-terrain quadruped robot using carbon fiber tubes, 3D printed components, and servo-motors, achieving various gaits through Proximal Policy Optimization in simulation and hardware deployment, inspired by Google’s agile locomotion research.

June 2019


Developed a service robot at Asimov Robotics for a private bank in India, involving hardware integration with Dynamixel servos and Hokuyo laser, and software architecture using ROS and smach, focusing on tasks like gestures, navigation, and sensor integration.

December 2017

Medical Device

Developed an automated intravenous dripper system using a liquid-level sensor and servo-actuated cam to prevent reverse blood flow and air embolism, enhancing safety and notifying medical staff for timely replacements. The project was a finalist in the India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2016 and led to the founding of Rekindle Automation Pvt. Ltd.

May 2016